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Buildexin Bangalore

is a creative studio dedicated to
Interior Design Services

Buildexin is the Best Interior Designing Company In Bangalore was established in 2018 with its headquarters based in Bangalore City. It is managed by Mr. Sajeev Gangadharan who is an Interior Designer by profession with 25 years of experience in Interior Design, Contracting & Project Management in India and abroad. Our Interior Designers In Bangalore vision includes preserving the heritage of the space and envisions it with a modern eye. For us, every new project brings on new excitement that causes “sleepless nights” filled with brainstorming through concept, research, visualization, and finalizing overall designs.

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Our interior design improve your project

Meeting Buildexin - Free Consultation

At Buildexin Design we believe that the best result can be achieved only through the close association between the customer and the Designer. During our initial interaction with the client, we will work with you to understand your objectives, get an idea about your vision, and try to foresee your space management requirements. Our Interior Designer In Bangalore team is willing to go at any length to meet your vision, walk through your task, and decide how our resources may suit your goals. Give Us a call, let us demonstrate to you how we can support you by giving the Best Interior Designing service in Bangalore.

Understanding your Needs - Design Proposal

After our initial consultation, we will tailor your requirements, area, and utilitarian space to build up a solid arrangement. Our structure recommendations demonstrate precisely what it will take to make your vision a reality – what will be done, by whom, when, and what amount would it cost. This mutual agreement will cover the extent of our work and framework how the Buildexin, Best Interior Designing Company In Bangalore, configuration will make an interpretation of your goals into a deliverable arrangement of activity.

Measuring Existing Conditions

During this early stage, Buildexin, Best Interior Designing Company In Bangalore will do substantial laser estimation to make the drawing of the current structure which is 100% accurate. By putting this field measurements into AutoCAD, we will go on to make floor plans, ceiling reflective plans, electrical, plumbing, interior elevations, cross sections, details, and building exterior. These measurements are very important to understand space, plan your budget, and prepare your construction plans.

Budget Spread Sheet

This is where the rubber meets the road. Here we translate the vision of our client into actionable, workable plans and allocate the available resources to the best use. Buildexin team has built up the absolute most powerful plans to utilize your funds in the best possible way. At Buildexin, we strive to quote the highest competitive rates in the market. We, the Best Interior Designing Company In Bangalore, have a pool of a wide variety of suppliers and merchants to support your budget allocation and guarantee the best quality at the best costs

Initial Schematic Design

This is where your vision becomes a reality.Our designers will develop various layouts for space planning, account for architectural changes, and evaluate furniture options. In this manner, you can visualize what your space would look like according to your needs in the most efficient way. However, the success of the project relies on your satisfaction and Buildexin Design will adjust the layouts based on your feedback.

Furniture, Furnishings & Equipment

As seasoned enthusiastic designers, we know how to shop on a financial plan and how to do it well. At Buildexin , we appreciate special limits averaging 30-50% off the net value, private access to test deals, and focused arrangements at top of the line outfitting stores and designer brands. Moreover, our obtainment administrations handle all the coordination related with inside structure buys, for example, textures, covering, flooring, tile, vanities, plumbing apparatuses, lighting, shower frill, furniture (new and collectibles), among other decorative items. Being the Best Interior Designing Company in Bangalore, we will guarantee that your acquirement procedure runs easily and with no pointless intrusions.


Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment (F F& E) requesting administrations for an expense equivalent to 10 – 15% of the all-out expenses of all merchandise bought. The absolute expenses of F F& E are characterized by the Best Interior Designing Company In Bangalore as the net expense where all things considered, including conveyance, transportation, establishment, and warehousing. All exchange limits will be offered straightforwardly to the ownership.

Visualization 3D - Construction Drawing Set

Once we have assessed the space planning, sketches, and furniture, you can visualize what your project will look like in 3D.   Through various renderings, which are top quality photographic images with defined lighting that accounts for shadows and reflections, you can finally see your vision materialized. At this point, we will finalize our construction drawing set, define the technical aspects, start the bidding process, coordinate with contractors, and get ready for construction.

Project Supervision

Development is a multifaceted procedure that requires close supervision and very clear communication channels. At Buildexin, we regulate development from initiation to culmination. Buildexin which is the Best Interior Designing Company In Bangalore will work directly with contractual workers to guarantee that our structure is executed appropriately and limit any dangers that could endanger your vision.

We listen… We Observe…. We Craft.

This philosophy serves as the backbone of Buildexin interior design practice. Since our founding, the firm has grown into one of Bangalore’s leading design studios with a considerable portfolio of projects....

Organic Interior Designing

Anything that is created from natural elements without using chemical substance can be called organic. In Buildexin, We have the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore that goes a step further by creating design elements through recycled materials, natural materials that are available in plenty in the surroundings, keeping in mind preserving the natural rhythm of nature, improving the quality of the air etc by doing the best organic interior design in the Best Interior Designing Company In Bangalore. In short Organic Interior Designing is all about having the holistic element of design. It requires an honest approach to create a naturally balanced life through interior designing.

Why Organic Interior Designing?

  • The concept of Organic Interior Designing promotes the idea of “Living Close to Nature”
  • Since the materials used here are all organic, recycled and strictly free from chemicals and pesticides, it creates a very healthy environment inside the house
  • It improves the air quality inside the house because of the same reason

Make it Simple

Before a project begins, it is important to be able to visualize how it will be decorated. The Interior Designers in Bangalore use basic principles when decorating a space. These principles are based on features of the space, style, and best practices.

Trends in UX Design

Repeating elements such as color, shape or texture from the Best Interior Designing Company In Bangalore can help to unify a space and create a consistent visual experience. Harmonizing the person and environment to create unity and peace.

Places to get lost

Creating a true space by the Best Interior Designing Company In Bangalore where you truly feel at Home and Unity with Your Surroundings. Making your Home a true sanctuary where you and your loved ones are always find connection, beauty and love.